About Us

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Our Philosophy

Build trust through knowledge.

Discover the path to connect with the audience in need of accurate health information. 

Be the reference and establish unshakeable trust with patients.



Business Strategist

Focus your healthcare communication in a way that reaches today’s viewer and the one willing to pay you. Constantly explore new avenues and creative strategies to position clinics as references.

The journey is the beautiful part. It’s in the unknown where we discover our true potential



Video Marketing Strategist 

With over two decades of experience in television and having trained more than a thousand students, he has unique skills to create videos that captivate your future patients.

If you think you can, you are already halfway there



Editing Team Manager

The creator of everything that happens behind the scenes at Betheway Medical Marketing. She transforms unedited material into videos that manage to captivate viewers. Her role is crucial in crafting attractive and informative content that establishes authority in the healthcare sector.


Why Betheway?

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Images that Inspire

Javi’s audiovisual mastery ensures that every story we tell marks a before and after in the life of that person who has arrived with a problem. We understand how to capture attention, generate emotions, and get that viewer to take action.

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Authentic Connection

Trust is built with authenticity. Our focus is on creating connections between the audience and you, as a healthcare professional. Through stories and valuable content, we cultivate an environment where trust can flourish organically.

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Experience for All Audiences

Our team understands the complexities of communicating medical terms, so we ensure that the content not only educates other doctors but solves the problems that patients suffer.

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Engagement that Resonates

Sara’s editions and Javi’s audiovisual experience create a synergy that goes beyond the screen. The result? Content that is not only seen but experienced, triggers conversations, and creates a sense of community.